Nina The Pun

I’m a Pun! (Pup + Bun) A Brazilian wolf bunny hybrid that loves making art! You can check out my social medias and commission information below.


Thank you for your interest in my art!Commission FormPlease take the time to read the Terms of Service belowTerms Of ServiceBy commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms:Working with me• This is my full-time job and passion. If you desire to commission me you must agree to my Terms of Service.• I will treat you with respect, so please do the same for me.• I am a real person with real life obligations; events and emergencies come up from time to time. Keep in mind that delays are never my goal but may happen!• Nasty attitudes will not be tolerated: Your commission will be canceled, non-refunded, and you will be blacklisted.• I will always try to complete your commission as quickly as possible and in order of purchase.• I plan to let you know when I’m busier than expected and you will be given a [Trello] link to follow the progress of your commission.• Please write in a clear and nice manner.• Provide neat references (not necessarily a ref sheet, but at least something that shows all necessary information.) A reference is adequate when one or multiple images show front/back (as required in the art-piece) in a FLAT color, so it is possible for me to pick the correct colors for your character.• I have the right to decline your commission, whether you failed to provide references/follow my TOS, if I find the character/idea particularly unpleasant, or I am not particularly interested in the piece.•I regularly clean out my storage, due to this, I don't necessarily archive all of my work. Once the final file is sent, it is your full responsibility to keep your art saved.Submitting a request on the Waiting ListI take a minimum of 5 paid commissions a week. To submit a request, access this Google Form with all the required information, descriptions, references, and/or everything the artist will need for your piece. After filling said form, I will reach out to provide a quote or inform you your request has been denied via e-mail/social media chat of preference. The quote must be APPROVED before it is moved to the waiting list.When should I pay?After submitting your request and approving the quote, your commission will be sent to Waiting List. I do not control of how big or small the list can get, so no payments are necessary until your request is to be transferred to the Current Working List.I will contact you for payment procedure. When everything is set up, your order will then be transferred and I will start working on them in the order payment is received.What if I can’t pay when it's my turn on the list?
I recommend keeping an eye on your turn on the waiting list whenever you can, if it's not possible for you to pay when the list gets to your turn, you can pass that information to me and if desired, I will move you farther down the last so you have time to catch up. You can also leave the waiting list at any given time.
PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST TO THE WAITING LIST IF YOU ACTUALLY DESIRE TO COMMISSION.If I realize a request has been put on and off repeatedly and getting in the way of both me and several commissioners, you will be banned and blacklisted from commissioningThis is a new system and we’re still testing out waters! I appreciate your patience.Keeping you in the loopI typically post status updates (updates about my work schedule, my personal health days, sales, and health issues that keep me from working) to my Telegram Channel or Twitter (X) Feed.Subject matterYES, I will draw:• Anthro• Feral• Plant life• Backgrounds (to my ability)• NSFW• Fetishes (ask)NO, I will not:• Copy someone else’s style.• Unconsented characters/ closed species.• Color someone else’s line-art without the line-art artist’s permission.• Draw scat.• Draw hateful artwork; racism, sexism, lgbtphobia, or other harmful/offensive political or social propaganda.PAYMENT AND PROCESS:PAYMENT AND PROCESS:
No work will be done without payment – After coming to an agreement on the contents/features/add-ons of your commission, payment should be sent to [email protected] IN FULL, unless a payment plan has been agreed upon, to reserve your spot in the commission queue and initiate the commission.
All prices are represented in USD - via Paypal OnlyIf the commissioned amount is $250 USD or greater, payment plans will be allowed. A deposit of half the commission price must be paid up front, and the second half must be paid after all sketches have been approved.What I will need from you
As the commissioner, you must supply to me in this [Google Form]:
• Relevant reference images for your character before the project is paid for.• Whether this commission is meant to be a secret.• Whether you have a problem with me streaming this piece (for my Discord Server, Patreon Supporters, or Twitch Channel.• Any other information I need to know (especially character changes if the reference sheet is not up to date).I will not be held accountable for information that the commissioner neglects to convey before beginning the commission. As much as I want to make things perfect, I do not have psychic abilities.If the piece is meant to be a surprise gift, the customer must request upfront for me to keep the progress images secret in order to avoid ruining the surprise.Work In ProgressAfter the final sketch is approved, WIPS will be given if the commissioner personally ask for it;WIPs might be given as well if I, the artist, wonder something about the commission.The time for your commission to be completed can be up to 3 months or less, depending on many factors such as;Health, order of commission, complexity, Work, school or family issues.If any of the things stated above occurs you will be notified asap.Customer InactivityIf you make a payment (whether full or partial), I will start to work on your piece. If after starting your piece, I reach out to you repeatedly about questions but receive no response, this hinders my forward progress. Your commission will remain active but wont be finished until you, the commissioner, reach out to me. After a year of inactivity, your commission will be archived and you will need to be re-quoted for a new commission.You can follow the queue and the order in which your commission is, clicking on this Trello link.It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor their own finances before commissioning me. As a professional artist, I am not a piggy bank for commissioners to deposit money until they need it for a future purpose. I will not refund commissioners who want to back out due to their own poor financial planning.Three edits rule
Three edits are permitted to any commission AFTER the sketching process. Tweaks and adjustments to the Sketch are not part of this rule, but massive changes to a sketch that are different from your original idea can be charged extra. Beginning with the fourth significant edit, the commission is entered into the design payment process. Additional edits will be charged.
“No reference ” fee
With the exception of reference sheet commissions: for any character that isn’t described simply in a sentence (i.e. multiple piercings, odd coloration, detailed markings, hybrids or imaginary species), a $20 minimum extra is required upfront to cover the time needed to bring this character up to the expectation of the commissioner. Commissions without refs will also take longer due to the fact that I need to conceptualize your character from scratch or from various inconsistent reference images. Complicated characters will increase the fee, I will explain my reasoning why when this situation arises.
(There is no color accuracy due to being a 3D colored image, with shadowed and lighter parts; making it really hard to reference).
If you’d like to make your VRCHAT Character a commission, please provide a 2D ref or the character OR consider commissioning a ref sheet.ADDITIONAL /ALTERNATIVES FEE
Alternative expressions, positions, add-ons, complicated characters, clothing, footwear, extra limbs, specific exotic species, etc. WILL increase the price of the commission, since they increase the difficulty of the piece, and will be charged according to its difficulty.
Tips are always appreciated. If you tip at the start of a commission, your commission will get a little extra love and care!
There will be NO refunds, with the exception of certain cases:
•If I am the one who cancels your commission for one reason or another, you will of course get a full refund.•If I am unable to finish your piece. This can be done if I am unable to fulfill the assignment due to other obligations. I will issue refunds but only if no work has been done. Once work is started, partial refunds based on time spent will be considered.• No refunds for completed work. My goal is to work with you to make the existing artwork better until you are satisfied.•I reserve the right to refuse a commission up front for any reason and without explanation.•I will do everything I can to make my commissioners happy!•However after a commission is finished, only small changes are allowed to be made.•Such as small coloring/marking mistakes.•Any great changes will come with an extra charge.•Such as an outfit change, outfit addition, background change or anything that makes me have to redraw it completely.•NO refunds will be issued if you violate the conditions of this TOS after I accept your commission.Progress picturesSharing progress pictures is my primary way of working with you as I complete your commission. I start just about every commission with a very rough sketch. For most commission offerings, I send images at the rough sketch and sketching stage and then, after the sketch is approved, proceed to color it since I don’t work with inking or lineart. I will also check for preferences of pose or expression if these are not noted at the planning stage prior to payment. All changes not related to coloring should be asked on the sketching stage. Due to my shading methods, I add small details such as piercings/claws/small jewelry as the last thing during the shading phase. If I send you the final file and those details are missing, please inform me of this.Since I mostly work coloring my piece in one go, if you desire to see more progress pictures (example: flat colors, early shading, etc.). You have the right to request those to me.Review and Critique
Digital: Sketches for digital pieces may be incomplete in some ways – just for a reference for me for pose and basic marking placement. It is not meant to be a perfect or accurate sketch as it will be redrawn.
Notes about reviewing and approving a sketch for digital work:YES
critiques to general body shape, pose, angle of view, and expression.
Also if you want clothes to be added, that will be something I want to include in the sketch so I can do the details of the fabric and also it will cost an extra fee. These aspects are necessary for the final piece and therefore critical for the sketch that the final piece relies upon. I require critique or approval on these aspects since they are significantly harder to change or cannot be changed when I digitally redraw.Sketch is for planning general appearance. Subtle changes like proportion (length and width of limbs) and details (like markings or small accessories) will be changed for consistency (for a series like Telegram stickers) and aesthetic purposes in the digital process.OKBringing to my attention any accessories or markings to add in the digital process or small elements to remove.Detailed notes about your character are fine. Keep in mind that most of the sketches I do will exclude markings and small accessories in the initial sketch just so it is a little easier to see anatomy and expression.Additionally I may include things to help evoke a mood/theme (accessories, props, or accents) that you may want me to exclude. I will typically consider this an approved sketch and generally won’t edit the sketch to remove these unwanted elements since they are easy for me to exclude when I redraw.UNNECESSARYBringing to my attention color, shading, background.This sketch is my guide for when I redraw. All of these elements will change or be added.Digital File Delivery
Digital designs and artwork that are approved will be sent in relevant formats (.jpg, .png, .pdf, etc.) to the email address provided (PayPal email, Google FORMS email) or as Telegram/ Discord file, unless otherwise specified.
Posting WIPs and the final image
The final piece and any WIPs may be submitted to one or all of the following of my accounts:
TelegramTwitterCOPYRIGHT / USAGE POLICYI, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing, not the commissioner.Therefore I'm allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:Promote myself in any place or site. (unless agreed otherwise)To display it anywhere to my liking. (unless agreed otherwise)Post it wherever I want. (unless agreed otherwise)The commissioners are allowed to:•Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.•Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself.•Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.If you commit copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.The following is considered Copyright infringement:•Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially. (Meaning making money of it in any way)•Taking Credit for the creation of the artwork.•Removing any watermarks/signatures.•Altering the artwork without my, the artist´s, consent.A Purchase of Commercial rights to the artwork will always be 300% of original price.With commercial rights you are allowed to make any sort of merch with the artwork.Use it in books, covers, as Props, change it to your liking and promote your own brand with.Credit is still required for usage of the artwork, even if altered or edited.I strive to work with my customers and that includes doing what I can to leave everyone happy, however if we come to a disagreement and you attempt to file a chargeback at any point after your commission has begun you will be in violation of these ToS invalidating the chargeback. As an artist my public opinion matters highly so I guarantee you I don't want to scam anyone, but my time and work has value and I won't allow myself to be mistreated. You will be forbidden to ever commission me, Nina the Pun, ever again.A beware will be put out with all relevant information on the spot so as to protect myself from hearsay and warn others about your behavior.

Flat Color

The second character added costs 75%

Soft Shading

The second character added costs 75%


The second character added costs 75%

I'm a 24 years old Brazilian artist! With a passion for bright and fun colors that was always present in my work. I love creating scenes and characters of all shapes and sizes. As a kid I would always be seen drawing and doodling something in the corner, but I only started drawing passionately (and Very poorly) everyday at the age of eleven, and never stopped! I love my job and am proud to try and improve with every piece. I was dragged into the furry fandom and amazed by an amazing friend. My pillars are my friendos, my girlfriend, my family , my art and my cats. They make my life amazingly better every day ~
To learn more about my individual sonas click on their names!

Nina is a Bunny Wolf hybrid. She can be Very bubbly and upbeat but feisty when it is needed. A loyal friend, a talented cook and always willing to help and take care of those around her.
Her favorite game is Banjo and Kazooie (she sucks at it) and loves singing to herself. Not overly emotional as Sophie, not as cold as Sam, definately more on the middle ground.

Samuel or "Sam" Is a blue mained wolf. Sam is genderfluid and is comfortable with any pronouns. He's straightforward, truthful and grumpy, but can also be a very loyal friend once you become close enough.
He enjoys alone time and is not much of a touchy feely person. Takes a serious role on protecting Sophie, Nina, and close friends.

Sophia or "Sophie" Is a cute little bunny that loves cuddles and lots of love. She can be energetic and happy but also a lazy floofball five minutes later. Sophie is very affectionate and bubbly, but can be easily upset sometimes, and VERY shy and emotional.
She loves carrot cake, Nintendo games, and cartoons. Hates coconut and overly hot days.